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intersectional map - interface
The interface is a software tool, that gives you the opportunity for an expedition in a new generated city map – the intersectional map – of Graz.

Technical requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista
Display resolution: min. 1280x1024 Pixel
Use a PC-mouse with mouse wheel
For best PC-Performance use: AMD/Intel Dual-Core or Centrino PC

>>Interface: Download für Windows (ca. 1mb)
>>Interface: Download für Linux (ca. 1mb)
>>Interface: Download für MacOX (ca. 1mb)

1. dowload the interface .ZIP file
2. unzip the file
3. close all open applications
4. start "imap_interface_v2.exe"
5. Important: wait for about 15sec after you started the .exe-file

Technical help: interectional-map[at]




intersectional map - slide show


>> start slide show

intersectional map /graz08

>> 6min, Flash-Video       (english version)